The conference will provide a forum for policy and decision makers, scientist and practitioners to share valuable lessons, to address challenges, to generate commitments in strengthening policy decisions, and to work collaboratively towards a sustainable and integrated regional development in Southeast Asia for a good quality of life based on the interdependence that exists between humans, other living species, and elements of nature.

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The conference is expected to bring about consensus or agreement among the participants on an agenda for advocacy actions on biodiversity enrichment, conservation and management; and to identify new approaches to and synchroneity between policies and practices that will form the framework to provide future direction for research and development in the sustainable management of biodiversity conservation through: Development of Asia Biodiversity Network (ABN), Agreement of Biodiversity Platform, and Publishment of scientific publication

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The theme of the 4th International Conference on Tropical Biology is “Enriching Biodiversity Inspiring People”. The conference will bring important biodiversity issues that are of national, regional and global concern, and solicit policy/decision makers (government), academics and researchers as well as practitioners to: (1) provide country updates on Regional Issues on Tropical Biodiversity Ecosystems; (2) share lessons and experiences in managing tropical biodiversity ecosystem (i.e. in Southeast Asian); and (3) formulate Educational Action on Sustaining Biodiversity Ecosystem.

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Organized by:

Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Tropical Biology

Conference Acitivites

A series of programs and activities to support the 4th International Conference on Tropical Biology

Road to Conference

SEAMEO BIOTROP prepares a talk series including:

  1. Talk Series on Biodiversity Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism
  2. Talk series on Biodiversity Literacy
  3. Talk series on Biodiversity Clinic
  4. Talk series on Biodiversity Exploration
  5. Talk series on Biodiversity Engineering

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Main Conference Activity

The conference is planned to to generate commitments in strengthening policy decisions, and to work collaboratively towards a sustainable and integrated regional development in Southeast Asia. The Plenary Session will cover the following themes:

  1. Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism
  2. Biodiversity for All
  3. Biodiversity Literacy
  4. Biodiversity in Practice
  5. Biodiversity Engineering

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Side Events

Side events are activities that are relevant to the theme and objectives of the conference. These side events will be in the form of: (1) seminars; (2) consultation meeting with policy makers; (3) Talk shows or Podcasts; (4) biodiversity competition; and (5) exhibitions;

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Conference Speakers

Hear from the experts
Nadiem Anwar Makarim

HE Nadiem Anwar Makarim, B.A., M.B.A

/ The Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of The Republic of Indonesia
Dr Chew Fook Tim

Dr Chew Fook Tim

Associate Professor (Biological Sciences), Vice Dean (Faculty of Science), National University of Singapore, Singapore
Prof Dr Clemens B.A. Wollny

Prof Dr Clemens B.A. Wollny

Bhingen University of Applied Science, Germany
Dr. Peris Kamau

Dr. Peris Kamau

Senior Researcher at National Museums of Kenya
Dr Renato S. Pacaldo

Dr Renato S. Pacaldo

Mindanao State University, The Philippines
* Under confirmation


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The best presenter for oral presentation, the best paper and poster will be given an award.

Events Calendar

Detail Date
Call for abstracts 22 June - 22 July 2023
Registration for participants and exhibition start
Early bird registration and payments
Regular registration and payments
22 June 2023
22 July 2023
Selection of abstracts 23 July - 23 August 2023
Announcement of accepted abstracts for both poster and oral presentations 31 August 2023
Deadline for early bird registration and payments (participants only) 15 September 2023
Deadline for registration, payment & submission of full papers for oral and poster presenters 31 August 2023
Deadline for payment of exhibition fee 31 August 2023
Regular registration and payment (participants only) 22 July - 15 September 2023
Deadline for uploading of oral presentation files 15 October 2023
Conference Proper 25 - 26 October 2022


Submitted papers may be published in conference proceedings provided that at least one author registers and presents the paper at the Conference. The authors will have full responsibility for the accuracy and originality of their paper. All submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism. Papers including plagiarized material/information will be rejected. The accepted and peer-reviewed papers will be published by IEEE Proceedings.