7.1.33 3rd International Conference on Tropical Biology


The conference generally aims to assess successes, opportunities, and gaps in current practices, research efforts and policies associated with the conservation, enhancement and sustainable use of indigenous tropical flora and fauna.

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The conference is expected to bring about consensus among the participants on an agenda for future research and advocacy actions on the conservation, enhancement and sustainable use of indigenous flora and fauna in Southeast Asia to support the effective implementation of existing national policies.

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The Conference theme, “Conservation, Enhancement and Sustainable Use of Indigenous Tropical Flora and Fauna”.

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Conference Speakers

Hear from the experts
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Hussin

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Hussin

/ Faculty of Forestry, UPM
Dr Muladno

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ani Mardiastuti, M.Sc

/ Head of Ecology and Wildlife Management Division, Department of Forest Resources Conservation and Ecotourism, Faculty of Forestry, IPB
Prof Alison Martin

Dr Chew Fook Tim

/ Associate Professor (Biological Sciences), Vice Dean (Faculty of Science), Department of Biological Sciences, Functional Genomics Laboratories, National University of Singapore, Singapore

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The best presenter for oral presentation, the best paper and poster will be awarded.